RDF - Object Mapping for RDF in .net

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Romantic Web

Relational Object Model for SemanticWeb in .net!

While the hype about the Semantic Web technologies is rising, making the developers working with Resource Description Framework (RDF) data representing a graph might be not a good solution.

RomanticWeb is the world’s first ORM class solution for graph-based data written fully in C# that allows developers to work with the RDF data in a way the would work with any other data in an object oriented manner. This can be achieved by creating data models that can then be mapped to RDF statements in a fully transparent way.

RomanticWeb is also the first solution that in conjuction with it’s mapping abilities allows to query for the data in a native .net way with LINQ. Developers can use their natural approach while working with data and objects and query for them with strongly typed queries, which are then translated into a SPARQL Protocol And RDF Query Language.

Now it’s possible to work with the full power of elastic RDF data sets with a simplicity of a classic object oriented programming!