RDF - Object Mapping for RDF in .net

MakoLab open-source component


Main package

RomanticWeb is available on NuGet. The easiest way to include it in your project is to execute

install-package RomanticWeb

in the Package Manager Console.

Alternatively you could install the package using the Manage Packages screen.

Storage backend

RomanticWeb is not tightly coupled to any storage backend to potentially allow implementing customized data access layers. Currently the only implemented storage is using dotNetRDF and it is available as a separate NuGet package.

install-package RomanticWeb.dotNetRDF

Thanks to dotNetRDF it is possible to use a single component to access a wide variety of supported triple stores such as Virtuoso, Allegro Graph or Stardog. For a full list please refer to the project’s wiki pages.


Last but not least Romantic Web comes with its own JSON-LD processor implementation for .NET.

install-package RomanticWeb.JsonLd

Please not that JSON-LD support is not currently complete.