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Debugging Romantic Web

Install from NuGet

If you have installed RomanticWeb from NuGet you should be almost ready to debug Romantic Web using Visual Studio.

Set up Visual Studio

Next you need to go to Visual Studio options and check the box shown below. Restarting Visual Studio may be necessary.

Visual Studio - Enable source server support

It is also important to set a writable symbols cache path.

Visual Studio - Symbols Cache path

You should now be ready to debug the project without local git and symbol server.

How it works?

The pdb files included in the NuGet package have been modified during build to include a GitHub link for each source file. Visual Studio comes with a tool called SrcSrv.dll, which enables it to download required files from github directly whenever they are requested by the debugged. For more information check out the project page.

Many thanks to Geert van Horrik, creator of GitHubLink, which allows linking of debugging symbols with GitHub source files.